Top Places for Budget Eating in Dubai

Karachi Darbar restaurant in Dubai

Just because you’re on a budget doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy delicious food and enticing cuisines when in Dubai. It might be the 22nd most expensive city in the world, but there are still some pretty affordable and cheap restaurants and cafés that cater to those on a 1-star budget, but craving 5-star taste.

Check out Dubai’s top places for budget eating.

Karachi Darbar

This well known eatery has several branches throughout Dubai and serves ridiculously cheap and unbelievably appetizing Pakistani food. Their menu includes items such as chicken kadai, mutton biryani, fresh naan bread, salads, and many more. At just Dhs20 a person, you can already leave happy and full.

Ravi Restaurant

Don’t let the plastic tables and chairs fool you. This is one place that knows how to serve up a big satisfying meal for a small price. Locals and tourists alike have fallen in love with Ravi Restaurant because of their simply delicious authentic Indian and Pakistani food. You can enjoy dishes like the chicken tikka, lamb curry, or bihiri kebab. Expect to pay no more than Dhs25 a person (less than $7 USD).

Lime Tree Café

For those of you looking for healthier options, Lime Tree Café is recommendable with affordable prices at Dhs20 to Dhs40 for most dishes. Their cuisines are a blend of Australian, North American and UK as well as Middle Eastern. And they’re also know to have the best carrot cake known to man.

The Noodle House

If you’re craving Chinese food or noodles, but don’t want to spend an arm and a leg then the Noodle House is your best bet. There you can dine on dumplings, soups, duck, noodles and many more Asian delights. Dishes range from Dhs40 to Dhs60, which is still pretty reasonable for a small budget.

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