A Quick Guide to Tackle Rush Hour in Dubai

Managing peak hour traffic in dubai

Whether you’re a tourist, resident or a courageous traveler who wants to brave the roads of a city like Dubai a quick guide that gives you the ins and outs of rush hour as well as other helpful traffic tips is definitely a must. And while traffic laws may be similar in most countries, remember that the driving styles of its citizens are definitely not.

Here’s a quick guide that’ll help you tackle and survive rush hour in Dubai.

1) Drivers will find any means to pass over, undertake, overtake, and cut off other cars just so they can get ahead. Let the crazies pass through and if you’re not in a hurry then defensive driving rather than offensive driving is ideal.

2) Flashing headlights from other cars doesn’t mean “Go ahead”, it means “Get out of the way!” so do yourself and the impatient driver near you a favor and get out of the way.

3) You’ll most likely see other cars driving on the hard shoulder just to get through traffic jams quicker; do not follow their example.

4) A car that doesn’t signal or use their indicators doesn’t necessarily mean they aren’t going to switch lanes. And a car who has their signals and indicators blinking away doesn’t necessarily mean they are going to switch lanes. In retrospect, be alert and ready for anything.

5) Learn the back roads if you can. It may take you a little longer to get to your destination, but the chances of the roads being clearer and you experiencing a more stress-free journey are higher.

6) Above all, stay calm, cool and collected. Never swear at other drivers or give the finger or any other rude hand gestures because they can get you fined or imprisoned.

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