Desert Safari + BBQ: Making it Memorable in Dubai

Desert Safari in Dubai

One way to make your trip to Dubai truly unforgettable would be with a desert safari. The exhilarating quest to the deserts of Dubai is simply breathtaking and filled with adventures. And they often conclude with a sizeable feast that allows everyone to dine on fine cuisines under a starlit sky while being entertained with shows that feature beautiful belly dancers and festive music.

Desert safaris are often part of a tour package which provides you with plenty of activities to do while on the safari. For example, you can ride camels while touring the vast deserts and taking picture of beautiful sceneries. Or for those who want a little more excitement, there’s quad biking, sand boarding, or desert camping. You can also experience a relaxing Shisha smoking session or get a Henna design painted on your body on one of your many stops. Safaris are a great escape from the busy city and are usually scheduled from mid afternoon to late in the evening so tourists and passengers can enjoy the night sky while feasting on a dinner that consists of savory BBQ meats and other exotic menu items.

This is a must do for travelers who want to make their stay in Dubai all the more memorable and what better way to do so than with a desert safari.

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