3 Delicacies You Can’t Miss Out in Dubai

3 Delicacies You Can't Miss Out in Dubai

A lot of cities have their own unique flavors and cuisine; Dubai is no exception. Here are three delicacies you should definitely try when you’re in Dubai. Missing out on these gastronomic delights might make your entire trip feel a little incomplete so be sure to include them in one of your many food trips.


Here’s one delicacy you might already be familiar with considering its worldwide popularity. Shawarma can include almost any type of meat such as lamb, beef, chicken, turkey or veal. It’s traditionally accompanied by an assortment of vegetables such as tomatoes, cucumbers, or a type of salad then wrapped in a warm bread for easy consumption and portability. It’s food you can eat on the go while shopping or touring the city.

Al Harees

If you want to try the exotic flavors that Dubai has to offer than Al Harees is a great place to start. It’s laborious and tedious in preparation, but the end results are worth it. This dish features a mixture of wheat and meat that’s cooked for hours until it reaches the consistency of a thick soup. Salt and other spices can be added for an extra kick.

Stuffed Camel

For those seeking culinary thrill and adventure then a stuffed camel would be right up your alley. This rather elusive dish is usually served at special occasions and often reserved for the elite class, but it’s not entirely out of reach for “commoners” looking for an extraordinary dining experience. The stuffed camel features a roasted camel that’s been stuffed with sheep, fish, chicken, eggs, rice and other tasty fillings. Now that’s what you call a multicourse meal!

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